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RE: [IP] questions

Hi Kelly,

The problem with your high sugars in the morning may not be the pump. You 
may be experiencing a dawn phenomena. This is when your sugars go high in 
the early am. You also may be having low bg's in the middle of the night 
and the highs in the morning are a rebound effect. Try testing at 3am a 
couple nights in a row. If it's high you may need a higher basal rate at 
night. If it's low you need a lower basal rate at night.CHECK WITH YOUR DOC 
DKA is diabetic ketoacidosis. It is a life threatening illness and can 
occur with sugars as low as 250! It is reccomended that you check your 
urine ketones if your sugar is >250. The strips are expensive so I usually 
check if I'm high two times in a row. If the test is positive drink LOTS of 
fluids and get your bg down. If you are spilling moderate or large ketones 
call your doctor. DKA can also occur if you get the flu, so watch out if 
you are sick and are throwing up because it can hit fast, especially with 
the pump.
Good luck,
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