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[IP] A1C Results!

Hi, All--

I finally got my A1C result and was delighted to learn that it was a 6.0! 
My best by far!  I could tell that the nurse who gave me the info was also
excited for me.

Also, I think I have achieved about a 85-90% mastery of the Sil--enough so
that I felt confident to exchange my 2 full boxes of SofSets for Sils. 
EMLA has definitely helped.  In addition, Wayne has been desensitizing
himself to the Sil insertion by watching me closely--and has said he is
sure he will be able to do the insert for me in difficult-to-reach areas
sometime in the near future.

This is probably my last chance to write in for quite a while (not that I
do so very often anyway).  I had my first day of a 13-week intensive
job-training program today, and it looks as if I will be locked inside a
computer lab until Christmas!  Wish me luck--the schedule would be grueling
enough for a non-diabetic, non-depressive.  However, I am fairly certain
that if I do make it, much of the credit should go to the fact that I now
have a pump!

Take care.  I will lurk when possible.


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