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Re: [IP] U100 pump question

In a message dated 98-09-14 12:20:03 EDT, you write:

<< Anyone familiar with the MiniMed models, please help me out here.  Kayla
 is using the 507C with Humalog U100 insulin.  Her basal rate is .1 most
 of the time and .2 for 3 hours while sleeping.  We're still seeing some
 peaks and valleys and her doctor recommended something that I'm not sure
 will work.  That's where you people come in.  :) >>

This is what we do with my, non pumping,  3 year old son, based on his
doctor's recommendation.  We dilute the Humalog to 1/10 strength.  I wonder if
you diluted your child's H to 1/2 strength, if you could give .1 unit while it
is actually .05 unit.
Check with the doctor first.  I can let you know about the dilutent if you
Goog luck, health and happiness, Jeff.
type 1 38 years, dxed 11 mths
pump 15 yrs
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