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Re: [IP] Fw: Minmed buttons

At 07:29 PM 09/14/1998  Timothy Tobais wrote:
>I too can testify to the "tricky" button situation with the minimed
>507C, but, I am doing pretty well with it. I just cant proess down too
>long; quick firm presses is what it seems to require. I ussually use my
>thumb to manuever throhg the screen I need. It takes some practice, but,
>I will live with until the 508 comes out. Hopefully Minimed will design
>a new button system. I am glad that these buttons are not that easy to
>push though. That way, I never have to worry about any accidents.

I wonder if something was changed with the 507C? I don't seem to have this
same problem with the old 507. If I push the Select button down and hold
it... it goes to the next function and just stays there. The only keys that
seem to move on their own (by just pressing on them continuously) are the
arrow keys... which I find to be a nice feature, like for entering a bolus

Yes you do need to press firmly... as you said, I think it is purposeful to
prevent accidents. 


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