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Re: [IP] EMLA for silhoetter

At 07:34 PM 09/14/1998  Timothy Tobais wrote:
>Thanks Diane,
>I'm scared, but, I'll avoid the ice/cream thing. I think I can do, just
>need to get over the initial hump.

I've been doing Silhouettes since June and don't have any problems. Just
think about it the same as giving yourself an injection... don't look at
the whole needle length. I find that once I get it started, I rarely feel
anything. If you do, you may be at too steep of an angle. Although the
instructions say 30 degrees, thinner people, may need a shallower angle.
When you flatten the set to stick it down, you don't want to be crimping
the cannula. If it looks crimped, you were using too steep an angle. As
soon as you get the front part stuck down, you can remove the needle...
then stick the back part. Don't freak when you see the needle after
withrawing it... only part of that length was actually inserted (the
housing took up part of that length).

Good luck.


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