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Re: [IP] questions

> first, i am wondering how often people w/humalog change sites.  minimed said
> every 3-3.5 days, but it seems that if i don't change after 2 days, every
> third day i wake w/extremely high blood sugar.
Sounds like you're a candidate for mixing H with V

> second, is there a way to tell if you've got a blockage and any way to get
> rid of it without changing site?  today i awoke with blood sugar of 317! i
> untaped site, and was sure that the little plastic part hadn't come out of
> my abdomen (i.e., i took it out myself, and it looked like the whole thing
> had stayed in, hadn't been nudged out.)  i then primed it 2 units just to
> see if there was a blockage, and there wasn't one that i could see, i.e., i
> watched two tiny drops of insulin come out.  so, i can't figure out what was
> wrong?  do i have to be extra-careful that i am not lying on the tubing (i
> am pretty light, but maybe that's what is wrong) when i am asleep?
Probably site corruption. My daughter suffered with that for several 
months before mixing. She uses 5 H/ 1 V  other pumpers use 
4:1 3:1, you have to experiment. YMMV. Just a thought

> third, what exactly is DKA?  i know it occurs at very high blood sugar
> scores and that it's bad, but i don't know much beyond this.  my boyfriend
> (bless him) has been reading up, and suggested i get urine strips so i can
> test.  none of my doctors has stressed this (although i haven't asked)
> before.  do ketones always occur when my blood sugar is above a certain
> score?  i thought that as long as when i test "high" i just get the score
> down lower asap, i was taking care of it, but perhaps there's something
> extra-special to do when i have ketones? 
You are correct. Fixing the high usually solves the problem. DKA is 
usually will occur as you become dehydradated, then your blood 
chemistry gets screwed up. Solution, insulin and lots to drink. 

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