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Re: [IP] Re: carb counting

email @ redacted wrote:

> Ruth, the fat may add slower food value, but no insulin is required for fat
> metabolism.  Fat may slow the absorption of the carbos from the GI tract,
> but if you ate a tub of butter, you would need any additional insulin
> (maybe some digel, but no insulin :-).

Actually, I think that isn't true although I thought it was for many years.
Apparantly fat content does take insulin when it is released in the blood stream,
it is just so slow acting that fast insulin is not supposed to cover it.   Your
basal rate absorbs it (provided your basal rates are right and your fat intake
doesn't vary too much).  If you actually ate that tub of butter (yuck!) in
addition to what you usually eat and didn't compensate with extra boluses, your bg
would be elevated somewhere between 4 and 24 hours later for a period of time.
(The variations in digestion time here make the actual time frame hard to pin
down).   Digel, of course, would be helpful too.  In addition, there are even
people who need insulin to cover protein but I think John Walsh writes that they
are pretty rare.

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