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[IP] Humalog "summary", was RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #531

Judy Goetsch wrote:

>Hi.  I am a Type 1 diabetic on a Disetronic Htron plus V100 insulin pump. I
>have not had any problems at all with the Humalog clogging in my pump and no
>problems with warmer temperatures bothering the insulin either.  Am I in the
>minority?  I've never had a clog or a temperature problem yet as I


Glad to hear things are working well for you ;-)

There are a number of "issues" reported by Humalog users (pumpers and
"injectors") which vary in complexity and severity from user to user -
how's that for being non committal? <vbg> This is not definitive by any
means, but a brief summary:

* Site issues - Generally, a need for more frequent changes; some "hyper
sensitivity" (may itch or sting when bolusing); possible "hardening" of the
tissue over time, or other tissue changes. Some folks find mixing H with
Velosulin or Regular helps delay or eliminate the onset of some of these
problems. Some have found returning to Velosulin or Regular returns sites
to good condition.

* Efficacy of the Humalog - H may, in some cases, appear to "lose
effectiveness". Has been reported as "supplemental boluses have no effect",
"things returned to normal after starting a fresh bottle (or reservoir /
cartridge) of insulin", "it was as effective as pumping water". There has
been much discussion on whether heat is a factor here. No consensus. Again,
reports from users mixing H with V or regular indicate some improvement in
this area.

* Inconsistent performance - Some users have reported that they experience
hypo(s) much later in the day after bolusing earlier to take care of
troublesome highs. Some reports indicate these lows appear many hours after
the Humalog should be gone from the body. Again, reports vary, these issues
may be related to the areas mentioned previously in this summary.

FWIW, I attended a "Diabetes Update" seminar the other evening, sponsored
by Eli Lilly and Roche Diagnostics. There was no "official" mention of
pumping as an effective treatment modality during the Eli Lilly slides
presentation. In fact, pumping was only mentioned after a very pointed
question from the audience. However, there were *very* specific references
to the need to refrigerate "all insulins". This discussion followed closely
on the heels of a *very* brief discussion of Humalog (summarized as "It's
quicker, really like real human insulin, you can take it when you eat").

There was limited reference made to hypersensitivity reported by Humalog
users, but no specific discussion. Interesting that the overall context for
this part of the discussion was folks injecting Humalog. Perhaps the issues
are not specific to pumpers, just more noticeable by our focused, highly
motivated group.

Maybe some of our feedback is making it's way back to the R&D labs at Lilly
after all <vbg>.

Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV). Keep good notes, watch your sites for any
problems and don't be afraid to change your set, cartridge and vial of
insulin if things start to look funny.

Bob Burnett

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