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Re: [IP] Plugging up the quick disconnect on the Comfort, Silohe

On 14 Sep 98 at 3:35, Kevin Cottingim wrote:

> A couple of times while at the gym, I took off the pump to shower and
> realized I didn't have that little plug with me.   Does anyone know what the
> plug actually does?  Does it simply prevent the exposed openings from having
> direct contact with other objects, or is it water tight, or is it air tight?
> And what happens if I quick disconnect without it?  Even for twenty minutes,
> if I inist on taking it off, am I better off removing the whole thing and
> using a new infusion set afterward, or is it no big deal?

It's no big deal.  If you're in an area like a locker room and are 
concerned about the connector being contaminated, just put the pump 
in a clean Ziplock bag.  It seems to work better if the open plug is 
below the pump.  Don't suspend the pump - just let it continue to run 
while it is unattached.  You'll get a few drops of insulin but that 
helps keep things going and lessens the chance of plugging or other 

Randall P. Winchester
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