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Re: [IP] questions

> none of my doctors has stressed this (although i haven't asked)
> before.  do ketones always occur when my blood sugar is above
> a certain score?

I check ketones anytime I am over 200 if the high is "unexplained" or
prolonged or over 250 otherwise.  The Nurse Practitioner I see told me that
if you have ketones, it will take more insulin to lower the same blood
sugar.  She also said there is great variability in how quickly a pumper
will start having ketones and how quickly DKA becomes possible. She
provided a high bolus "multiplier" based on amount of ketones.  Since she
is a pumper, she is real good to understand what kind of information to
supply to pumpers.  The place I get my pump supplies sells foil wrapped
ketostix.  Since a bottle has to be thrown away 6 months after opening, I
waste a lot of strips when I use bottles.  As always, YMMV.

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