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Re: [IP] Re: carb counting

Ruth, the fat may add slower food value, but no insulin is required for fat
metabolism.  Fat may slow the absorption of the carbos from the GI tract,
but if you ate a tub of butter, you would need any additional insulin
(maybe some digel, but no insulin :-).  You're right that there's no
telling what is in the McD stuff, but I get the same problem when I make my
own quarterpounders.   You're also right that we don't know what's in all
those yummy sauces at restaurants.  Though when I cook, I know that there's
lots of flour, sugar, etc, so why should a fine restaurant be any
different?   Likewise, pizza at home is just as bad as from Pizza Hut.
Anybody have any idea what the carbo/prot content is for a Greek gyro?   I
usually have to bolus 5 -6 u to handle one of those yummy lunches.

<<<<<<From: Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted>
>  Carb counting is usefull only to get people started.   If you  don't
> figure the protein, too, you'll never get it right.   One of my favorites
> is the McD's quarter pounder, which as a bun with 24 g of carbo.  If you
> just bolus for that (about 1.5 U for me) your BG is certain to shoot the
> moon.   I ususlly need 4 - 5 u to cover this burger.  I just know this,
> and most other things I eat I usually have learned that I will need so much
> insulin (even pizza-its the protein in the chees that does it there even if
> you've figured in the new deep dish heavy crust).  Fortunately we all tend
> to eat pretty much the same things each day, so figuring becomes
> instictive.   I always tend underestimate the requirements in new and
> exciting foods.
> -wm
Just a reminder that might help a bit.  McDonald's hamburgers are not 100%
meat.  The added stuff (like the bread crumbs some people put in meatloaf) can
easily add carbs.  Keep in mind too the fat also adds some slower food value.
Perhaps the problem with some of these new and exciting foods is that you are
assuming they have "pure" contents like they would (or might) if you made them
at home.  On the other hand, Pizza is one of the highest calorie foods around.
I've never been able to figure out how the parts add up to the whole.  Any

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