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I agree with Randall, that until there is some real evidence that a:
Humalog is unstable or b: that buffering would really help, Lilly is not
likely to make any changes.  I, for one, have described my own
quasi-scientific evidence that mixing a little of the buffered V with H
doesn't do anything.  But I know others have very different religious
beliefs about this.   To me it is a little like the current controversy
about whether reducing dietary salt keeps you from getting a heart attack.
There are many physicians who continue to firmly believe this, despite any
reproducible scientific or epidemiologic evidence in support of such
Since I've been on this list, though, I've yet to see any concern that
there is clogging in the tubing with H. This apparently was a problem with
older tubing, but the new double thickness tubing seems to have overcome
this.  There can be problems at the tip, but this is a different problem.

>On 14 Sep 98 at 8:40, email @ redacted wrote:
> Recently many parents have complained to me about the fact that on the
> Humalog, site changes have to be much more frequent then they were while
> Velosulin or Humulin R.  We haven't figured out if it's due to lower basal
> rates that cause the clogs in the Tender/ComfortDisconnect/Silouettes.
> This IP list is 500 strong.  We have a voice.  I for one will call Eli Lilly
> today and voice a request that some buffering agent be investigated to make
> the Humalog not clog at low basal rates and to last longer even in the
>heat of
> warm weather.  Will you join me in this calling campaign?  1-888-88Lilly.

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