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Re: [IP] questions

Shaughnessy, Kelly (RSCH - SF) wrote:
> first, i am wondering how often people w/humalog change sites.  minimed said
> every 3-3.5 days, but it seems that if i don't change after 2 days, every
> third day i wake w/extremely high blood sugar.

The problem I've found is that Humalog loses strength after about 2.5 days.
Heat apparently affects it and breaks it down. Others here find it clogs the
infusion sight or canula, I find it just doesn't work as well after that
amount of time goes by. So, I USED to change syringes after 2 days, but have
been mixing Humalog with Humalin R in a 5 to 1 ratio before loading the
syringe. This keeps it good for several days more without changing the
insulin's activity level much.
> second, is there a way to tell if you've got a blockage and any way to get
> rid of it without changing site? 

First thing to do is disconnect your QR and pump a small bolus through the
tube and make sure it gives a drop out the connector. If so, the plug is 
almost certainly in the site and/or canula, so replace it.

 today i awoke with blood sugar of 317! i
> untaped site, and was sure that the little plastic part hadn't come out of
> my abdomen (i.e., i took it out myself, and it looked like the whole thing
> had stayed in, hadn't been nudged out.) 

Sometimes it will get kinked below skin level, and the only way to check is
to pull it out. Even so it's possible that your body has plugged it inside
you by forming a hard deposit around the open end of the tube, and there's
no real way to tell.

 i then primed it 2 units just to
> see if there was a blockage, and there wasn't one that i could see, i.e., i
> watched two tiny drops of insulin come out. 

OK if you meant 0.2 units, 2 units would give a lot more drops.

 so, i can't figure out what was
> wrong?  do i have to be extra-careful that i am not lying on the tubing (i
> am pretty light, but maybe that's what is wrong) when i am asleep?

MiniMed sets can get twisted against the skin too easily because they have
such a small base with inferior stickum on it, so I use Comforts (aka
or Tenders) which are MUCH more secure.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42 years, 4.8 years on MiniMed 506
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/