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[IP] questions

hi everyone.  i am on week 4 pumping and while i love the absence of shots,
and the small victories (yesterday was the first day that i had nary one
blood sugar reading above 150 in about as long as i can remember!) but on
the other hand, i surely am noting the dangers of going high too fast.
anyway, i didn't realize, but my CDE just went on vacation for two weeks,
before i had a chance to ask my questions, so i would surely appreciate it
if anyone has any thoughts on any of  this!

first, i am wondering how often people w/humalog change sites.  minimed said
every 3-3.5 days, but it seems that if i don't change after 2 days, every
third day i wake w/extremely high blood sugar.

second, is there a way to tell if you've got a blockage and any way to get
rid of it without changing site?  today i awoke with blood sugar of 317! i
untaped site, and was sure that the little plastic part hadn't come out of
my abdomen (i.e., i took it out myself, and it looked like the whole thing
had stayed in, hadn't been nudged out.)  i then primed it 2 units just to
see if there was a blockage, and there wasn't one that i could see, i.e., i
watched two tiny drops of insulin come out.  so, i can't figure out what was
wrong?  do i have to be extra-careful that i am not lying on the tubing (i
am pretty light, but maybe that's what is wrong) when i am asleep?

third, what exactly is DKA?  i know it occurs at very high blood sugar
scores and that it's bad, but i don't know much beyond this.  my boyfriend
(bless him) has been reading up, and suggested i get urine strips so i can
test.  none of my doctors has stressed this (although i haven't asked)
before.  do ketones always occur when my blood sugar is above a certain
score?  i thought that as long as when i test "high" i just get the score
down lower asap, i was taking care of it, but perhaps there's something
extra-special to do when i have ketones? 

fourth, i feel like i am wasting SO much insulin.  i take 25-30 units per
day, so should i just be filling syringe with about 125 cc (to leave room
for priming, etc.)?  i have been filling over 200 cc, and i end up throwing
a lot away.  is it okay to transfer the insulin from one syringe to another?
i worried about contamination but maybe it's okay.

last, does anyone else have trouble inserting introducer needle into
sof-serter or is it just me?  i am looking for any tricks to make this

if there's something to read on these questions, or if anyone has advice,
would love it if i could be pointed to right direction.  thanks SO much!  

best wishes, kelly

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