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Re: [IP] Need some advice!!!!

OF COURSE THIS IS ASSUMING THE SPECIALIST WILL WANT TO PUT YOU ON the minimed pump.  or is this already known?
when i was introduced to the pump i was told to buy it and study all the functions before i met with the rep that set me up.  much like you have i researched the hell out of it.
what you want to avoid is collecting too many pieces of advice just to pick the one that agrees with yours.  been there done that...
all i can say is that it worked for me to have the hands on with the pump before it became something i depended on.
kinda like knowing cpr, then what it's like to put it into action.  knowledge is one thing, wisdom is gained through experience...

sorry, it's late and i get a bit wordy...
lisa ann

Stacey Phillips wrote:

Hi Everyone:
         I went to my family doctor today. Still waiting to see the
specialist in Saint John, New Brunswick. I know that I am going to get
the insulin pump. My family Dr. tells me that I am a perfect candidate
for the pump. I came home and called the Minimed rep. and he suggested
that I buy the pump and have all of the information read about the do's
and don'ts of the pump and to watch the video on how the pump works(I
have a pretty good idea with all of the research that I have done and
from all of the good people here), so that when I go to see the
specialist I would be able to start pumping ASAP. I really do want to
start like as in yesterday. Would I be crazy to buy the pump BEFORE I go
to the specialist or should I wait???????? You see, the doctor's office
postponed my appointment for another week so now it's October 13/98,
that I see him. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!!!THANK

Stacey Phillips

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