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Hi.  I am a Type 1 diabetic on a Disetronic Htron plus V100 insulin pump. I
have not had any problems at all with the Humalog clogging in my pump and no
problems with warmer temperatures bothering the insulin either.  Am I in the
minority?  I've never had a clog or a temperature problem yet as I
mentioned.  I've been on the pump since March 11, 1998.  Maybe it's too
early for troubles, but I haven't had any yet.  I've mowed my lawn this
summer in pretty hot weather while wearing my pump and that hasn't bothered
the insulin or my pump.  Please tell me about the problems people are having
with the Humalog-I'm not familiar with this.

Judy Goetsch

> We are 500 strong, but we are still a small portion of the total pumping
> population. I see some additional challenges in this fact - How can we get
> these companies to focus on *us*, recognizing the fact that we have a high
> level of motivation, experience and first hand knowledge of the challenges
> presented here, perhaps to a higher degree than the general pumping
> population? How do we get the companies to cooperate with each other in
> solving this particular dilemma? (that's probably not possible, but
> necessary, and therefore worth asking). How do we invite the companies to
> join us on our list, listen to what we have to say, yet *compel* them to
> give back some of what they've learned here? We don't need them sucking us
> dry for information, then not giving back anything of real use (if any
> vendors are listening, please make note of this comment, thank you ;-))
> I've called Lilly's pharmacists close to a dozen times. They sound like
> they take good notes, but we never hear back from them. I think we are
> going to have to "demand" that they tell *us* what they need to know to
> solve the issues, rather than the typical "uh huh, then what happened
> next?" type of conversation. We might be surprised by how much they don't
> yet know ...
> I'll call again, but how I wish they would open up some ...
> Bob Burnett
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