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Re: [IP] Questions?????

> We're still a miniscule minority in the population of people with 
> diabetes.   Forecast seems to focus somewhere between Type 1 and type 
> 2 anyway... and the ADA is run by the same medical professionals that 
> sometimes don't seem to understand diabetes, insulin injections, 
> insulin pumps or much of anything else...  remember - those are the 
> people that draw red circles on your logbook and scream at you for 
> having high bg values...  

Much the same in Britain, Randall. The British Diabetic Association has
a sorry magazine called Balance. I offered to write a feature article
for them about life as an opera singer using an insulin pump. A story in
there somewhere surely. Their reply: no thanks.

As the group representing diabetics, its board is stuffed with medical
staff. So they take great care never to challenge the currently preached
medical practice. The result is pathetic, and an affront to people like
myself who believed that there must be a better alternative to the
eternal rigid routine and failure of MDI.

I shall be disappearing for another week now.

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