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Re: [IP] U100 pump question

Bob Burnett wrote:
> >I thought the pump could not deliver in increments smaller than .1
> >units.  But I checked the programming and when you change it to U50, it
> >does show units to the .05.  So it goes .05,.1,.15,.2, etc.  And you
> >hear twice as many clicks, so it sounds like it is delivering in .05
> >increments.  But still, all the literature says MM delivers in .1 unit
> >increments.  Any thoughts????
> >
> The technical specifications posted on MiniMed's web page indicate the
> different delivery increments for the various insulin concentrations: U100
> is .1 unit per stroke; U50 is .05 unit per stroke; U40 is .04 unit per
> motor stroke. As I recall, this information was a little tricky to find in
> my 506 manual, not sure if it is any easier in the 507 and 507c manuals.

Yes, but the VOLUME delivered is the same, it's only the units it's read 
in that are different. Try taking 10 units in a U-100 syringe and put it into
a U-40 syringe. You'll find you now have 4 units. Units vary, that's why they're
labeled differently. OK? 

Brings to mind what happened to me in the early 70s. I moved to a small town
anmd ordered some U-40 Globin Insulin at the local pharmacy. I was running out
of it, and they could only get U-80. My endo told me to use the U-40 syringes, 
but only load 1/2 the dosage since it was twice as strong........

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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