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Re: [IP] site rotation/location

<< My best results come from the stomach area - meaning anywhere within 
about6 inches of my navel in a 360 degree area. >>Bonnie,

> So, you use the area directly above and below the navel? I have stayed in       
> the sides and wonder if it isn't more akward or painful in other spots. I wasn't    
> trained to do it in other places and am concerned about having few sites        
> to rotate.    

My CDE showed me to use an area from four finger widths above the belly-
button to three fingers below. This would be away from any belt line that could 
pinch on the tubing. Anyplace you could reach in that area was acceptable, with 
the exception of a center line going vertically within two inches of the belly-
button as this was where the nerves were sensitive (chakra) and was not as 
receptive to insulin.

George Lovelace
Type 1, 34 years, Pumping 8/13/98

My other Pancreas is battery-operated
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