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Re: [IP] Pumping in Germany

> Yea John!  Sorry about the lack of education out there.  Seems Germany
> is like anyplace else!  :)  I've gotten far more valuable tidbits from
> this group than from any "expert".  I, too, get to teach Kayla's nurse
> all the tricks I've learned here.  At least she's receptive and not
> condescending!  Hats off to Michael for starting this list, and to all
> of the wonderful people here who contribute valuable information for the
> rest of us!

Actually  Glenn Yoder   started the list, I've simply taken over it's 
operation. Glenn lurks but is on the list very quietly. Hats off to 
Glenn. He helped provide a great deal of information that has helped 
my daughter a bunch! Since taking over list management, the web site 
and majordom have helped make the list large and available to many 

email @ redacted
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