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[IP] Need some advice!!!!

Hi Everyone:
         I went to my family doctor today. Still waiting to see the
specialist in Saint John, New Brunswick. I know that I am going to get
the insulin pump. My family Dr. tells me that I am a perfect candidate
for the pump. I came home and called the Minimed rep. and he suggested
that I buy the pump and have all of the information read about the do's
and don'ts of the pump and to watch the video on how the pump works(I
have a pretty good idea with all of the research that I have done and
from all of the good people here), so that when I go to see the
specialist I would be able to start pumping ASAP. I really do want to
start like as in yesterday. Would I be crazy to buy the pump BEFORE I go
to the specialist or should I wait???????? You see, the doctor's office
postponed my appointment for another week so now it's October 13/98,
that I see him. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!!!THANK

Stacey Phillips

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