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i'm not sure if this is still an approved method, but to avoid clogging it was suggested that i check with my dr. about self dilution with a saline solution.
anyone know?
i'd be glad to contact Eli Lilly, except as some have stated, there are many other possible causes besides the insulin being used.
i notice the biggest diffence when i use diffent types of sets.  right now soft set and silhouettes.

lisa ann

Randall Winchester wrote:

4. It might be better to ask them to formulate it in U-40
concentrations - that way the volume of liquid infused could be
increased while keeping the insulin amount the same.  A higher
volume of fluid should reduce the clogging if the clogging is caused
by the low rate...  and this option might be met with a more positive
response since it would be easier for them to meet... the problem
would be convincing them that there is a big enough demand.
Randall P. Winchester
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