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Re: [IP] Questions?????

On 14 Sep 98 at 13:59, Bonnie  RICHARDSON wrote:

> Bob wrote "We are 500 strong, but we are still a small portion of the total pumping population."
> I have some questions 
> 1) What is the pumping population?  in the US? in the World?
> 2) Why does the Forecast Magazine offer so little pumping recommendations and information?  It has very little value for me now. 

We're still a miniscule minority in the population of people with 
diabetes.   Forecast seems to focus somewhere between Type 1 and type 
2 anyway... and the ADA is run by the same medical professionals that 
sometimes don't seem to understand diabetes, insulin injections, 
insulin pumps or much of anything else...  remember - those are the 
people that draw red circles on your logbook and scream at you for 
having high bg values...  

> 3) Is the official research regarding  Humalog being used in pumps on-going now?
> 4) What about Vel mixes? Anyone doing a study?  My endo clinic never heard of mixing. 

Funding would be a problem - neither of the manufacturers would want 
to fund a study of the other's product, and a joint study might raise 
all kinds of anti-trust questions...

> 5)  I would much rather we use that energy on the phone callse to ask the pump supply manufacturers to make infusion sets and tubing sets separate packages.   I have already called and written that I> Bonnie
Randall P. Winchester
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