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Re: [IP] Another new endo, another frustration (long)

At 05:55 AM 09/14/1998  Bonnie  RICHARDSON wrote:
>How frustrated you must be.  Keep looking, it is your life you are taking

>responsibility for.  My search was also frustrating and I truly sympathize

>with you.   Any endo who isn't "with it" on the benefits of the pump needs

>to be educated - not necessarily by you.  You third choice sounds like a 
>possibility, if you have the patience to educate her.  Otherwise, do you 
>have a diabetes clinic or a specialist any where around?  Surely Vancouver

>has one.  I know Portland Oregon does. (Dr. Stephen Bookins).  Ask Sam a 
>good specialist.  It isn't that far to drive.   Please don't give up.
>us posted on your efforts. 

I've met Dr. Bookins... he was there when I was admitted to the ER with my
hear-attack. My wife knows his kids... they go to the H.S. where she works.
Anyhow, I go to the Portland Diabetes Clinic (PDC) right across the street
from Good Samaritan Hospital. There are about 5 or 6 endos there (Dr.
Bookin is associated with them, but at another Hospital... St. Vincents).
I've heard good things about Dr. Pirhoda. He has a number of pump patients
and is enthusiastic about it. My endo is Dr. Bergstrom... I'm helping to
educate him... but, fortunately he is a good listener. The appointment line
is: 503-274-4880


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