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Re: [IP] U100 pump question

> Her doc said the MiniMed rep that serves him suggested 'tricking' the
> pump for the kids with small basal rates.  Reprogram the pump to the U50
> setting and instead of getting .1 unit once an hour, it will give .05
> units twice an hour (and .05 4 times an hour for the .2 basal rate).

That won't work. The pump has no idea what is 'really' in the 
Telling the pump that the insulin is U50 when is is really U100 will 
result in 2 clicks of 0.1 units each instead of one for a basal rate 
of 0.1 u/hr. The result will be that she will receive 0.2 u/hr.



P.S. I think your Doc needs to take dumbell math over again.

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