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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #531

     Bob wrote:
          I've called Lilly's pharmacists close to a dozen times. They 
          sound like they take good notes, but we never hear back from 
          them. I think we are going to have to "demand" that they tell 
          *us* what they need to know to solve the issues, rather than the 
          typical "uh huh, then what happened next?" type of conversation. 
          We might be surprised by how much they don't yet know ...
     They're just doing their job, Bob.  They are very limited in what they 
     can say (dictated by both FDA and corporate policy).  Truth is, unless 
     you die from Humalog, any Humalog "issue" is probably entered into the 
     Humalog adverse events database, which is monitored on a periodic 
     basis to see if there are any trends developing.  At this point, it 
     doesn't sound like you've achieved "trend" status <vbg>.
     However, individual calls do add up, so keep calling.  Also, a call 
     from a doc probably does get more points in the database, so get your 
     endo on the bandwagon.
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