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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #530

     Dear all,
     From experience, here are some things to remember when your requests 
     for supplies and referrals seem to go unheeded.  Remember, initial 
     approval of a pump is a little bit different, since the quality of 
     life benefits of the pump over MDI may not be valued appropriately 
     by the insurance company.
     1) Keep a list of full names of the people you talk to.  Use that 
     list in all correspondence with your HMO, prescription services 
     provider, State Insurance Commission, etc.
     2) If you can't get supplies (i.e., insulin) you've obtained in the 
     past, demand to speak with the insurance company's MEDICAL DIRECTOR 
     and state that you're being denied LIFE-SUSTAINING medical 
     equipment/supplies.  Reference your list from #1.  Demand an action 
     plan for resolution of the situation.
     3) Most managed-care plans or your employer have some type of 
     "customer-satisfaction" survey.  Use it to your advantage.  In fact, 
     go ahead and bias the results by having your co-workers fill it out 
     with your experience in mind.
     Good luck!
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