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Re: [IP] Age connection?

Thanks to everyone who took an interest in my informal poll of age of
diagnosis.  Just so you know, I'm using the info for my biological stats
class at school.  For those of you who were upset by it, I'm sorry.  Why
not type up a list of things YOU are interested in and we'll try our best
to accomodate you.  That way you won't be bothered by what interests us.

Thanks again!

PS.  I'm not sure who mentioned it, but someone said that they were
diagnosed with a BG of 1200.  I was diagnosed Christmas Eve of 1990 with
a virus which infected my pancreas and spleen, I went home from the
hospital Christmas day and 3 days later I was readmitted with a BG of
over 1600. It was assumed that at the age of 12 with no family history of
diabetes that this was a freak accident of nature.  No one gave me any

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