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RE: [IP] Re: Ruth Elowitz

	Kellee wrote:
> Insurance companies suck... i also have blue cross and they finally
> decided to
> pay for my pump(this was three almost four years ago) but they kept
> screwing
> up the paper work because minimed is in a different state.   you'd think
> you
> were speaking in alien to some of these people.
	Seems BCBS has done the same with my pump.  I nearly fainted when I
got the bill for 30% of the pump price!  They informed me up front that it
was covered at 90% which left me responsible for only 10% of the purchase
price.  I called them last week and they indicated something about
Disetronic being in a different state and it must have been filed
incorrectly.  They indicated they'd call me back in a few days.  That was a
week ago and still no call from them.  I hate insurance companies!!!!  They
really know how to elevate a person's blood pressure, huh?

	Carol Wilson
	Type 1 - 21+ yrs.
	Pumping as of 9/22
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