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[IP] Computing chess and diabetes control

     On Sun, 13 Sep 1998 Sam Skopp <email @ redacted> wrote on the year Y2K
     >Ha!! It's just fooling you into thinking that its thinking... In 
     >chess it's just referring to a huge database of rules, possible moves 
     >and past games.
     >As long as the basic rules of the game don't change, it will make 
     >every logical decision based on the defined list of algorithms that 
     >were programmed into it. You are actually playing against many of the 
     >chess masters of the past. All of their decisions have been 
     >pre-programmed into the thing.
     That's why having a computer trying to figure out diabetes management 
     is so much fun: the computer is working with a completely logical set 
     of rules about a non-logical system (unless of course one wants to 
     make the assertion that a person has a thoroughly logical day and that 
     he/she never has anything outside of 'standard normal procedure' 
     happen; in which case I very much want to patent the process and use 
     it myself)

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