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Re: [IP] infusion sites

Hey Tim, just do it!  It's only a little bit thicker than the regular
syringe needles, and the length doesnt' really matter anyway, since you
only feel it when you break the skin.   In addition you don't have to put
it in all the way either.  It will tape down just fine with only half of it
inserted.  And you only have to do it every 3 days or so.  I too was
worried when I first saw it, but it really isn't so bad at all.  So go for
it guy!

<<<<<<<<<From: Timothy Tobais <email @ redacted>

I would like somewhat to start using a Silhouette infusion, but, have
been to afraid to try. I use a softserter in my abdomen with no trouble,
but I am lean (or so I would like to think) and would like to see if the
Silhouette would offer me any additional comfort. I just cannot imagine
sticking myself with that thing, but, after 30 years of needles I
suppose I could get over it. Any advise, encouragement or suggestions
would greatly be appricaited.

Tim T.>>>>>>>>>>>

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