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Re: [IP] U100 pump question

Kasey asked about the MiniMed delivering in increments smaller than .01:


>I thought the pump could not deliver in increments smaller than .1
>units.  But I checked the programming and when you change it to U50, it
>does show units to the .05.  So it goes .05,.1,.15,.2, etc.  And you
>hear twice as many clicks, so it sounds like it is delivering in .05
>increments.  But still, all the literature says MM delivers in .1 unit
>increments.  Any thoughts????

The technical specifications posted on MiniMed's web page indicate the
different delivery increments for the various insulin concentrations: U100
is .1 unit per stroke; U50 is .05 unit per stroke; U40 is .04 unit per
motor stroke. As I recall, this information was a little tricky to find in
my 506 manual, not sure if it is any easier in the 507 and 507c manuals.

Bob Burnett

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