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[IP] U100 pump question

Anyone familiar with the MiniMed models, please help me out here.  Kayla
is using the 507C with Humalog U100 insulin.  Her basal rate is .1 most
of the time and .2 for 3 hours while sleeping.  We're still seeing some
peaks and valleys and her doctor recommended something that I'm not sure
will work.  That's where you people come in.  :)

Her doc said the MiniMed rep that serves him suggested 'tricking' the
pump for the kids with small basal rates.  Reprogram the pump to the U50
setting and instead of getting .1 unit once an hour, it will give .05
units twice an hour (and .05 4 times an hour for the .2 basal rate).

I thought the pump could not deliver in increments smaller than .1
units.  But I checked the programming and when you change it to U50, it
does show units to the .05.  So it goes .05,.1,.15,.2, etc.  And you
hear twice as many clicks, so it sounds like it is delivering in .05
increments.  But still, all the literature says MM delivers in .1 unit
increments.  Any thoughts????


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