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[IP] Pumps and Canadian medical coverage

Richard wrote:
>BTW, does the Canadian social health insurance readily cover purchase of
>pumps for diabetics?

I don't know how things stand in the rest of the country but here in
British Columbia, to my knowledge, pumps are not covered by the BC Medical
system.  My first and second pump were paid for by my father's extended
health coverage from work - IWA, International Woodworker's of America -
because I was a university student.

My 506 was 100% paid for by us and so will my soon-to-be-acquired 507C
(once I can figure out how to pay for it).  We don't have anything beyond
basic BC med because I am once again a student and my husband is a writer.
When I had an insurance plan through work it covered 100% of everything -
after the initial "education" period.  I think I can claim the new pump on
my income tax and get some sort of credit, but nothing actually covers it.
Insulin (excluding Humalog), blood testing strips (not meters), syringes,
needles and infusion sets are mostly paid for (I think we pay 25% after the
first $600).


Vancouver, BC, Canada
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