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[IP] Re: Ruth Elowitz

I am not sure what the legal ramifications are. I have had similar problems
with Blue Cross. I have found that skipping over all of the "helpers" and
going to the top has been succesful. I have also used the insurance agent
that is in charge of our company policy to pressur the "Blues".  I now have
a special person who handles all of my claims.  Part of the problem is that
most of the claims processing is done in "back end" operations that in many
cases are contracted third paties that are not part of the insurance
company. In this case efficiency = alienation as well as IMHO more coberage
for stuff such as insulin pumps and supplies.

Be persistent. Communicate in writing and make those in charge aware of
what's going on. It took me three years to work my situation out.
    _`\<,_   Irv
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