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Re: [IP] Age connection?

Many of you will remember my diagnosis story, but for the record - I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes/DM with bg level of 1205, ketones pouring out of me, at the ripe old age of 44.  I thought I had cancer, runs in my family, and wouldn't go to the doctor.  Finally, collasped - semi coma, and my son had to carry me to emergency room.   My family (two kids) thought it was entirely appropriate that I have to stay in the hospital 2 wks to be trained with all these youngsters.  Fit my mental age.   We discussed some time back the "cause" of diabetes - like mine, no diabetes in family, stress knocked my system down, got a sinus type infection and 6 weeks later was in hospital with diabetes.  
I cannot imagine a parent having to deal with this for a child or teenager.  
I have had diabetes 14 years now, last 2 on pump.  I am grateful to Minimed for inventing it and grateful for being able to have the pump, and look forward to more freedom giving inventions. 

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