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[IP] Russian kids and international insulin addresses

This is the info I got on the Russian kids.  This organizations seems to
take actual donations of equipment (meters, syringes) to send to Russia
altho I am sure they would take money. They also sell t-shirts to support
the effort.  They also bring Russian kids to the US in the summer for camp
and a visit.  The web pages (do I have the lingo correct?) are

The address of the organization is 
      Collection for Russian Children
       Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana
       C/O Samuel M. Wentworth, M.D.
       1300 East Main
       Danville, Indiana 46122

The second organization, which is an Australian organization, gets insulin
really cheap and sends it to 28 countries.  their web site is:

At that web site they have a means to contribute through the internet.  I
was a little concerned about doing it that way, but I did.  If anyone has
any thoughts about contributing to this specific site let me know.  I have
been cautioned that the resale of diabetic supplies is very profitable in
some countries and there may be some organizations or individuals who might
do that.    I have no reason to believe that this organizaiton would do
that.  You can also write to:

                              Ron Raab, B.Ec.
                              International Diabetes Institute
                              260 Kooyong Road, Caulfield, Victoria 3162,
                              Tel:+61-3-9258 5050
                               Fax: +61-3-9258 5090
                               E-mail:  email @ redacted

At the very minimum, I plan to support these organizations.  maybe those
who donate could indicate that we come from the i-p list.

Diane Massey

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/