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Re: [IP] Y2K

At 09:58 AM 09/13/1998  Laurie Brack and Jeff Montgomery wrote:
>Y2K, sounds like a mountain to climb.
>Hey Sam, I get beat by my computer at chess all the time.  When I do beat
>it, (not very often) it seems to hold a grudge, and really whoops up on
>the next game!  Don't tell me this thing can't think, that's what it
>you to think. ;^p

Ha!! It's just fooling you into thinking that its thinking... In chess it's
just referring to a huge database of rules, possible moves and past games.
As long as the basic rules of the game don't change, it will make every
logical decision based on the defined list of algorithms that were
programmed into it. You are actually playing against many of the chess
masters of the past. All of their decisions have been pre-programmed into
the thing.

If the machine found itself in a totally new situation that did not relate
to its reserve of past games, etc, watch how fast it would grow stupid.
And, if there was a way to change the rules mid-stream, also watch it fall
apart... it wouldn't have a clue as to what to do. The reason why chess
works is that it is such a structured game. Computers do not do well in
anything that's creative, requires intuitive knowledge or has a constantly
changing pattern.

(I never win in computer chess... so you do much better than I)

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