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Re: [IP] mmol/l

Tim et al -  My MD always told me there were 2 ways to treat diabetes, the
science and the art or instinctual.  Your MD andCDE canteach you the science
but you have to develop your own instincts for what your body needs.  I have
never carb counted. It was unknown 41 years ago when I was diagnosed at 3
1/2 .  I do pretty well just guess how much insulin to pump.  By the way I
had the mumps 6 months before I was diagnosed.  This short note gives lots
of info..   Saves me emailing everyone.

Timothy Tobais wrote:

> Ruth Elowitz wrote:
>  Got my HbA1c through today. 5.7% (normal range 4.3%-6.1%), so I'm
> happy, given that I don't carb count precisely but just do everything by
> feel and instinct. I suppose that's what you learn after 21 years. Do
> others do this? I couldn't tell you how much carb is in a meal, but put
> it in front of me, and I'll tell you how much insulin I need to cover
> it.
> John
>  Yes, I've been afraid to admit this.  In fact, when I am too precise
> about carbs
> I mess everything up big time!  :-)
> Hi
> I must admit, (dont tell my doctor), but, I do this.
> I can bolus to keep my blood sugars perfect
> (however, I don't always succeed), but I am like you. I know when I am
> high or low. I can feel it. I know how much to bolus for foods (I do
> "loose" carb counts)-hey, that pizza is very tricky though - have not
> yet figured how to bolus for it, but I am almost there (think I should
> do an initial 4.5 to cover the milk and juice and bread and then program
> another 4(I always overeat on pizza) Square wave over a 3.5 hour time.
> However, I do not stop testing, but, I know what I can get away with. I
> call it more experience and knowing how your body works through years of
> observation. As well, I call it intution (may the force be with you!)
> :-)
> Tim T.
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