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[IP] infusion sites

I where mine in my thighs.  When I first started the Silhouette, I put it in
my thigh, to the 30degree that the paper called for, and had all kinds of
problems.  inconsistant absorption, and it really scared me off the Sil's
for a spell.  Then I tried it again, and this time very shallow an d have
not stopped using the Sil's or my thighs.
I can keep the sil's in better, ( less persperation) less bumping  and
pulling on the site or canula, and  generally I forget I even have it on
until  I look at the calendar for changing it.  I carry alot of boxes around
at work, 20 to 200, and I usually carry them against my body, so this is
what works for me.  YMMV as the saying goes, Laurie B.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/