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Re: [IP] Another new endo, another frustration

>Sounds like you must live where I do!  Same here.  There is one doctor in
>my province who sees pump patients.  I have been warned by my endo that I
>will be "refused treatment" if I keep wanting a pump.
>Here though, I have no choice of endos.  We only have one who sees
>diabteics  within a 100km radius.
>Darrin Parker
>email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

Now the thing that scares me the most is that I have been told by each of
these endos, 2 of which I was referred to by MiniMed, that Canada is moving
AWAY from recommending pumps and is trying to get pumpers back to MDI!
This is bizarre to me.  Of course, this could be just their own bias
showing.  I am glad that at least I have the option of trying different
people out - 1 endo within 100k sort of kills the theory of choice!

Part of my frustration comes from the fact that I moved from a city
(Victoria) with 4 endos, all of whom I knew and were definitely pro-pump
and well-educated in them.  I am now in the 3rd largest city in Canada and
am very disappointed in what I am finding.  Carb counting is considered to
be risky and cutting edge.  This last endo felt that testing 4x a day was
excessive and that I just needed to add more food to compensate for the
lows I am experiencing regularly lately.  I am already overweight and want
less insulin, not more food.  Oh, and I was told to not exercise (because
my blood sugars go down) but to lose weight.

>From reading people's responses (thank you - they helped pull me out of
feeling really hopeless), I think I need to dust off Pumping Insulin and
try to work it out for myself.  I keep coming to this conclusion, then my
GP sends me to a new endo and this starts over again!!!

And as willing as this new endo is to being educated, which I do think is
good, I want to see a specialist for her/his expertise, not to develop it
at this point.  However, I may be being totally unrealistic about finding
this here.  I used to have a great endo and was probably spoiled by him
knowing everything!  Now if I had only paid attention to him while he was
within reach...

Thanks for the much needed pick-me-up and the variety of perspectives!


Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted          http://www3.bc.sympatico.ca/mappa_mundi/

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