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Re: [IP] Age connection and Kasey

> diabetes "sucks"
> at
> any age, but you deal with it, or better yet teach your kid to deal with it
> herself.  

I agree with you up to a point.  Yes, diabetes sucks at any age.  But it
is a helluva lot easier for an 11 year old child to comprehend why there
are so many drastic changes going on in their life.  Try explaining to a
barely verbal 2 year old why you are constantly hurting them -- because
that is all they know.  They can't understand finger pokes and
injections.  All they know is you are poking and injecting into them
over and over and it hurts.  Will my child be better off never
remembering life without diabetes because she was so young when
diagnosed?  Probably.  Will it just be who she is without her
remembering who she was?  Yes.  But I will never forget being in the
hospital with her when she was diagnosed, trying to explain that the
shots didn't go away when we went home, that she had to keep doing the
shots forever.  And she got really quiet and asked me if she had to take
the shots in Heaven.  The little ones just don't get it.  Yes, we 'deal
with it' on a daily basis, and my child is now 5 and slowly taking over
control of her disease.  But that is not something you can teach a
toddler to do like an eleven year old can.


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