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Re: [IP] mmol/l

Hi Tim,

Sounds like you need to keep on doing "research" <vbg> on that pizza! 
Let us know about the findings.  ;-)

> I must admit, (dont tell my doctor), but, I do this.
> I can bolus to keep my blood sugars perfect
> (however, I don't always succeed), but I am like you. I know when I am
> high or low. I can feel it. I know how much to bolus for foods (I do
> "loose" carb counts)-hey, that pizza is very tricky though - have not
> yet figured how to bolus for it, but I am almost there (think I should
> do an initial 4.5 to cover the milk and juice and bread and then program
> another 4(I always overeat on pizza) Square wave over a 3.5 hour time.
> However, I do not stop testing, but, I know what I can get away with. I
> call it more experience and knowing how your body works through years of
> observation. As well, I call it intution (may the force be with you!)
> :-)
> Tim T.

	... Sue  :-)

		We can get information online ...
		but wisdom comes from On High!

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