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Re: [IP] Anyone else had this problem...

Becky Draper wrote:
 Dave I do the same thing when I change my sets.  Take a bolus to cover
 the impending high.  I bolus enough to fill the cannella then 2 more
 units to cover the high that I know will occur.
 I consistently had highs when I changed my sets.  I was not stressed
 out, no other factors came into play.  I experimented with leaving the
 old set in, but it didn't help.  My endo also advised me NOT to leave
 the old set it in, as it could possibly cause infections.  So I started
 with and extra .5 bolus, next set change 1, then 1.5 then at last 2.0
 seemed to be the magic number with me to keep my bg's stable after a
 change.  YMMV on this.  I just know that this is what works for me.
 Becky D.

If you know you will go high when you re infuse, why don't you bolus
before infusing with your old infusion set to cover it?

Trying to be helpful :-)
Tim T.
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