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Re: [IP] Age connection?

On 12 Sep 98 at 19:35, Sue W wrote:
> If you find these "age when I was diagnosed" posts to be so offensive,
> may I suggest that you "killfile" the topic or use your "delete" key.  
> I, personally, have found it quite interesting to see the numbers.  As a
> matter of fact, I would be interested in finding out about folks that
> were diagnosed with Type 1 DM at an older age than usual (30's and up)

I was diagnosed at the ripe old age of 24.  What was scary is that a 
week after I was diagnosed a friend checked himself into the hospital 
after talking to me - he had the same symptoms and was "offically" 
diagnosed the next day - he was in his mid 30's...  

Seeing the numbers has helped me develop a greater respect and 
appreciation for the people here... this is suvivor country, or at 
least fighter country!  I'm glad to be able to take advantage of the 
accumulated experience and wisdom of this bunch...  

Randall P. Winchester
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