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Re: [IP] Another new endo, another frustration (long)

Hi Janine,

I think I can understand some of your frustrations.  I am also on endo
#3.  I really am hoping that "he's the one."  I am still trying to get
put on a pump -- that is frustrating, too.

Good luck and I hope things get better.  I will keep you in my thoughts
and prayers.

> So I went to see my 3rd new endo in a year today.
> Endo #1 didn't believe in pumps and wanted to put me on MDI (after 13 very
> happy years on the pump) because he thought pumps were too much work and
> too expensive.
> Endo #2 likes pumps but with only one basal rate because more than one
> basal rate is just a "marketing scheme" by pump companies.  I tried it, had
> horrific blood sugars, failed at changing his mind despite the results.
> So I had high hopes for endo #3, because I really need some help soon or I
> am afraid I will say the heck with it and go back to lovely denial world.
> But she has no experience with the pump.  She is very willing to let me
> educate her about what a "bolus" is and why pumps are so darn good,
> however.  I explained my need to be educated and assisted but I don't think
> she got that.
> And I did learn something very interesting - my GP also wants me off the
> pump, considers me non-compliant for looking for a pump doctor.  And I have
> diabetic retinopathy.  No one has told me this but apparently my doctors
> have known this since last December.  Endo #3 asked what kind of treatment
> was scheduled.  I love finding out about my health this way.
> I can not really express how upset this all makes me.  Now I need a decent
> endo AND a new GP.  Because I (and we all) deserve better than this!!!
> Janine

	... Sue  :-)

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