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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #522

     Those poor EMT's!  My only episode of unconciousness (over 24 years) 
     occurred in college.  My roommates freaked out when I wouldn't wake up 
     and they called the ambulance.  The EMT's figured I was another 
     drunken undergraduate and strapped me to a gurney and carried me down 
     four flights of stairs (I was roughly 200 lbs at the time.  In the 
     ambulance, I have faint memories of literally FIGHTING with the EMT 
     who was trying to administer the IV, and ended up covered with blood!
     I understand that when they finally wheeled me into the ER, they 
     thought I was a severe trauma victim because I was covered with blood 
     and unconcious!
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