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[IP] Age connection and Kasey

I was 11 (my birthday) when I was diagnosed.  But Kasey, diabetes "sucks" at
any age, but you deal with it, or better yet teach your kid to deal with it
herself.  I personally doubt whether the earlier diagnoses has a statistical
basis, and if it does, that is most probably due to better measurement
techniques.  I know that parents generally have a harder time than the
affected kids (mine did too, but being a mature -- and would you believe
slightly precoscious -- kid, I handled it MYSELF), but I don't think that
diabetes is ANY worse for any particular individual, than any other  You
learn to live, to give, to learn, and HOPEFULLY, not to whine.  While I'm
certain there are exceptions, I think of the strengths that D has developed
in me and the same that I have seen in other type 1's.  We tend to be
responsible, organized, good at planning, and aware of what is going on in
the bigger picture..... sounds like a friend that I want to have, an
employee that I want to hire.  The exception comes when whining about this
"terrible defective body of mine" is not only tolerated, but sometimes seems
to be encouraged.
Take care,

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