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Re: [IP] Age connection?


If you find these "age when I was diagnosed" posts to be so offensive,
may I suggest that you "killfile" the topic or use your "delete" key.  

I, personally, have found it quite interesting to see the numbers.  As a
matter of fact, I would be interested in finding out about folks that
were diagnosed with Type 1 DM at an older age than usual (30's and up)

I was first diagnosed with DM at about age 39.  Because of my age the
doctor (GP) automatically assumed that it was Type 2 DM.  Within a very
few months it was apparent that I would be insulin dependant (tried
several SF's, etc. -- none worked).  A year or so ago I saw an
Endocrinologist for the first time and was re-diagnosed with Type 1 DM. 
I know this is out of the ordinary, but I would bet that there are
others here with similar circumstances.

> enough already with the "age when i was diagnosed", please.  these responses
> account for about 35% of the message board mail. we have better things to do
> with our time.  after all what can we do with the data?  we know nothing
> else about the person.  to continue with these responses is truly
> draconian!!

	... Sue  :-)

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		but wisdom comes from On High!

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