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Re: [IP] Another new endo, another frustration (long)

I wouldn't discount this endo just because she has no experience with pumps.
It sounds like she is willing to learn.  Give her a copy of Pumping Insulin.
Years ago, I moved to a new town and found an internist who had no experience
with the pump but was willing to learn.  I gave him a copy of Pumping Insulin
and he proved to be a good support person.  I think in the long run, most of
us pumpers, really, figure out our does and basals on our own.  If you haven't
read Pumping Insulin, you should do so.  It follows you through all the
adjustments you need to make.
I think you are stuck in a system that does not have much experience with
pumps.  I'm not sure you will find anyone in your area.  So, give this endo #3
a chance before you discount her.

Good luck in your search.  Don't give up.
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